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For Immediate Release



Dear Zoom Friend

Zoom UK Distribution Limited t/a Zoom UK have had numerous customers contact us over the past few months in relation to purchases which have been made from the following online sellers: - - eGlobal Central UK‎

E-Infinity Camera Store



As a result of these customer contacts we feel it necessary to clarify several frequently raised points in relation to the above sellers.

1. Neither of the above-mentioned websites appears to have distribution centres based in the UK. We are the solely authorised UK distributor for Zoom products. It appears that these online sellers distribution base is in Hong Kong. As such any Zoom products supplied by them may ‘not be specifically manufactured for use in the UK or EU’. They may also contain AC adapters not compatible with the UK/EU markets. Further it has been reported that products include instruction manuals without an English translation.

2. The sales prices advertised by the above companies do not appear to include any UK/EU taxes such as VAT and Duty – you ‘the customer’ may be liable to pay these as an additional cost at the point of entry of your purchase into the UK in ADDITION to the price you will have already paid when making your online purchase.

3. Should you encounter any fault with any Zoom product, which has been purchased from the above-mentioned online sellers, any warranty, if any, will be their sole responsibility. PLEASE NOTE: Any items purchased from them are NOT covered by any UK warranty by Zoom UK and you will not be eligible to receive any technical support from Zoom UK in relation to your purchase. We are aware that these websites refer to any problems being referred to the “UK Repair Centre” however for the avoidance of doubt this has no connection with Zoom UK.

Your experience as a customer of Zoom is of paramount importance to us; as such we feel it necessary to draw the above to your attention.

If you would like any further information, please contact us here

We thank you for your interest in Zoom products.

Zoom UK

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